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About Kyle

Kyle is a strategic talent development leader with fifteen years of experience driving process improvement and behavior change through training, coaching, and consultation. He draws upon his experience managing quality in the structural steel industry – building high-quality structures that stand the test of time in any environment – to building high-performing and continually-improving teams. As a coach and facilitator, Kyle has established a strong reputation for fostering a safe and productive environment for participants to find clarity and direction on their own terms.

As a researcher of organizational behavior, Kyle focuses on unethical behavior at work and examines the behaviors of “ethical followers” who have the courage to resist unethical behavior and call into question unethical thinking. He has published and frequently gives talks on unethical behavior and other topics of concern to organizations. He serves on the Ethics & Professional Practice Committee for the Association for Materials Protection and Performance, and he has served as a volunteer exam developer for several professional associations.

Kyle lives in Chicago with his partner Sid and their two cats Queso and Fundido. Outside of work, you’re most likely to find him visiting the Field Museum or the Art Institute, walking along Lake Michigan, or cheering on the Chicago Sky. He holds a PhD in human capital management and a master's degree in adult education.

Below is a brief commencement speech delivered by Kyle at Bellevue University.



Kyle Payne, PhD

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