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Team Coaching

Team coaching enables members of the team to listen and understand each other, to appreciate individual strengths and contributions to the team's performance, and to establish more effective norms and practices that deliver results. Below are a few examples of obstacles that get in the way of team effectiveness:

  • Relying too heavily on established methods

  • Trying to fill the shoes of key players who have left

  • Working in siloes and failing to tap into opportunities to collaborate

  • Unresolved conflicts and breakdowns in communication

  • Generational or other cultural differences

Before working directly with the team, I'll meet with the manager for an initial consultation. This step helps ensure a shared understanding of what issues the team is facing and helps define a plan to measure and evaluate effectiveness of the coaching. Following the initial consultation, coaching sessions are conducted with the entire team or with particular members.

For team coaching, a client can select a one-time trial plan or a longer discounted plan.

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